What is ‘safe’ in our generation?

By Ellen Petersen and Hope Thompson, The Circuit.

Recent events have caused a ripple of terror in the place we call home. Sunday saw the deadliest massacre in U.S. history when a gunman opened fire at a country music concert in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the attack in Las Vegas is now one of many to have again shaken the world and caused an unmatched amount of concern and fear.

Just looking back at the past year, the U.S. alone saw two of the deadliest mass shootings in its history. European countries have experienced unremitted fear, as bombings, shootings and stabbings have been seen in the metro station and airport in Brussels, a Church in Normandy, a pop concert in Manchester and a soccer game in Paris.

We are the post-9/11 generation. We have grown up associating fear with airports, schools, sporting events, large crowds and now, music. Things that are meant to bring people together and unite us as humans despite our differences are being threatened.

Now we raise the question: what is safe?

Truthfully, we don’t have an answer. After the past week’s events, it’s unclear to us if we’ll ever really know.

Although we joke about the ‘Benedictine bubble’ that we exist in, we have inherited a special opportunity.

Being able to live in a place that emphasizes the importance of love and community  has preserved so much of what the world needs right now.  Although safe places seem harder to come by, there is a safety in those around us.  Cultivating an environment of Faith and Community seems like something that we need to bring outside of the BC bubble.

Maybe we don’t need to be looking for safe places, but rather creating them.