Traveling Rosary at campus houses

A Rosary hanging on a car mirror.  Photo by Dion Gillard.

By Danielle Sabolik, The Circuit.

Starting this fall at Benedictine, students in on and off-campus houses have the opportunity to partake in a traveling rosary.

Resident Assistant for the campus houses Claire Mealey wanted to plan an event that brought people together Sunday nights while she was on call. Mealey then organized a traveling rosary, held in volunteers’ homes throughout the semester.

The Residence Assistant plays a special role for on campus houses and Row Houses, said Mealey. Living in community is a Benedictine value at the college and she tries to help encourage that by organizing events and letting students lead.

Seniors Anne Burghart and Morgan Mueller are hosting the traveling rosary with their roommates in 1113 Second Street on November 5 and are excited to participate in this event.

“I think it is a great way to build community between the on-campus and Row House residents,” Burghart said. “The community aspect of Benedictine looks different when you live in an on-campus or Row House. This is one great way to foster that community that most students experience in a dorm.”

This is her first time participating in a traveling rosary and she’s looking forward to getting to know some of her neighbors and classmates better.

The campus houses all have a theme, and the theme of 1113 is the Divine Mercy house. Mueller said that she and her roommates try to pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet every evening and will try to incorporate that into the evening when they host the traveling rosary.

“I’m looking forward to bringing people together to pray together,” Burghart said. They are also planning on having snacks. “Knowing my roommates and I, I would imagine there would be chocolate and maybe some popcorn,” she said.

Mealey is hoping that others will be willing to host the traveling rosary and envisions the campus houses to taking turns hosting it. The default location will be her home, Row House 1101C.

Contact Claire Mealey at if you would like to get involved. Traveling rosaries are held every Sunday evening at 9:30 p.m. in campus homes.