The 100 Day March: A tradition that stands the test of time

The class of 2017 celebrated their final 100 days at Mueller's Locker Room. Photo courtesy of Will Burenheide.


By Sam Smeltzer, The Circuit

The clock is ticking for the Benedictine College class of 2018. Seniors have long celebrated a tradition to commemorate their last 100 days of college.

Much like beanie week, bed races and Oktoberfest, the 100 Day March has been a senior tradition for decades.

The 100 Day March is a celebration for the students who only have one hundred days left before they graduate. For the event, seniors meet in front of Haverty and walk down Second Street to the local bar, Mueller’s Locker Room.

“There are these things that we do that bind us together, that connect us, but it’s not just things like the 100 Day March, its ROC Week, it’s the beanies; the core of our academic curriculum which is the same as when I went here,” said Dr. Matthew Ramsey, Director of Special Education and graduate of the class of 1998.

Ramsey worked at Mueller’s when he was a senior at Benedictine and says that the biggest crowd he ever saw at the bar was on the day of the march.

The bar continues to be crowded with seniors each year. Graduate of the class of 2015, Will Wright, said that it almost ruined the experience.

“I enjoyed the walk down to Mueller’s because it reminded me of the first time I walked to Daylight Donuts,” Wright said, “It felt like a good bookend to my time at BC.”

Ramsey says from his experience other institutions have traditions, but the bigger the school is, the less campus-wide the traditions are.

“I think those traditions exist in other places but at a small place where it’s not ancillary, it’s part of the experience and we are small enough that everyone can participate in those things,” Ramsey said.

This year the 100 Day March will be on Feb. 1. Seniors and students graduating in May will meet in the Haverty circle as per tradition and walk down to Muller’s together as the class of 2018.