Taco Bell opens on 10th and Main

By Maddie Bruegger, The Circuit

On Jan. 17, a new Taco Bell location opened on 10th and Main.

The new location opened in lieu of the closure of the KFC/Taco Bell restaurant located off U.S. 59 Highway in Jan. of 2016.

According to an article published by the Atchison Globe, the previous location, owned by Atchison Management LLC, closed due to non-payment of state taxes.

KC Bell, a Wichita-based franchise, commissioned and constructed the new site.

“They do all this site-surveying and it’s supposed to be a good area to build in, a good town to build in. Obviously, all franchises are different, but it seemed like a good town for the franchise I work for to build in,” said Connie Smith, KC Bell’s Market Manager.

With Atchison being a college-town, there is a steady traffic of college students.

At the grand opening, Benedictine College students Matt Gilme and Isaiah McBride were two of Taco Bell’s first customers.

“I will probably come once a month for lunch if I’m craving a good burrito,” senior Gilme said. “Usually you come here for cravings.”

Taco Bell capitalizes on cravings, with the addition of their dollar cravings menu and late-night store hours.

“If we continue to get busier, then we will stay open later,” Smith said. “I have a lot of stores that stay open until 3 o’clock in the morning, but I don’t know what Atchison is going to bring.”

The new location is fully equipped with indoor seating, as well as a heated outdoor patio.

“I hope a whole lot of people love to eat tacos because I want to be the one serving them,” Smith said.

Taco Bell offers breakfast and recently added French fries to the lunch and dinner menu.

The new location hired over 32 Atchison residents and is still accepting applications.

Taco Bell is open Sunday through Thursday, 10am-11pm and Friday to Saturday