Raven Athletics undergoes social media rebranding

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By Jacob Curry, The Circuit

Benedictine College launched a rebrand for its athletic social media pages this past winter break.

Thanks to the school’s Sports Information Department each of the teams’ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages were given a new account handle along with an updated profile and header pictures.

“The idea for the repositioning came to me a couple years ago after I saw Indiana had changed their bigger athletic programs to try and give the accounts a sense of unity,” said Josh Pound, assistant athletic director and sports information director.

The main goal for each sport to have similar account handles came with some struggles.

“When we first looked into the repositioning, some of the handles we would have liked to use were already taken,” Pound said. “With some of the accounts an ‘S’ [was] added at the end of ‘Ravens’ while some only have ‘Raven.’”

A graphic was created to help students and friends become aware of the variance of changes.

“We believe the process also may have created some awareness among students and the community about some social media accounts they may not have known existed,” said Olivia Roehm, social media specialist at Benedictine College.

Roehm worked alongside Pound to help finalize the naming of the new social media accounts.

Another part of the repositioning and rebranding of Raven Athletics’ social media involved each account getting new profile and header pictures. Each header was designed to incorporate the school’s newest saying, “Unleash Greatness.”

The change of the profile pictures came following the changing of the school’s logo. Benedictine went from their traditional “BC” logo to a newer “B” logo.

“Each year the headers will be changed to better incorporate the seniors from each program while looking to still push the ‘Unleash Greatness’ saying,” Pound said.

The school is continuing to develop a bigger social media platform based around the Athletic Department.