Pre-game music leads to athletes feeling unprepared for games


By Jacob Curry, The Circuit

Benedictine College uses Neptune to select their music for most of the sporting events across campus. The use of Neptune to select the play lists leaves some athletes feeling unprepared for games.

Neptune is an outside music company hired by the school to help select fan-friendly music. The company is based in Texas and works to provide a radio station type feel.

Junior Alex Burris was put in charge of selecting the pre-game play list that will be played before each home softball game. The responsibility came with some struggle when it came to picking songs that Neptune would approve.

“Most of the songs are a hit or miss when it comes to pre-game music,” Burris said. “There isn’t much free reign given to the team when it comes to music, especially when most songs we enjoy can only be played as instrumentals.”

Softball is not the only program that faces a struggle with the pre-game music. Junior football player Tanner Lueckenhoff wishes the music was more effective in getting the players hyped up.

“I can’t lie, the music before the games is not good.” Lueckenhoff said. “There’s a few songs here or there but they do not get me going like back in high school.”

The goal for Neptune is to play fan-friendly music but the goal can often leave the athletes in a struggle to find their pre-game groove.

“We need to think about the fans, but you can play songs that fans like and the players will enjoy,” Lueckenhoff said.

While softball and football struggle to find a suitable playlist that both fans and the athletes can enjoy, the women’s lacrosse team faces a different issue with their selection of music.

“Usually they play country for us to warm up to and we can hear the other teams laughing at us,” said senior lacrosse player Anna Tust.

Assistant Athletic Director and Sports Information Director Josh Pound believes Benedictine will continue to use Neptune as their source for pre-game music until the school finds an alternative source for the music.