Official BC App released with help from SGA

A smartphone that is compatible with the new BC app. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

By Hope Thompson, The Circuit.

The official Benedictine College App was unveiled during Homecoming Week, allowing students to access resources and information about the school at their fingertips. Nick D’Adamo and Isabell Grisnik, president and vice president of the Student Government Association, took the lead on this project.

Originally, the pair was brought into the discussion to provide student opinion and run the SGA portion of the app. However, according to D’Adamo, they were given a bigger role after the committee saw how passionate they were about creating an app that catered to student need.

Grisnik says it was important to her that the app contained features students would find useful.

“We really want to make this thing great.”

Currently, D’Adamo and Grisnik are helping to manage content and keep it up-to-date with what the student body wants. Within the next few weeks, they’re hoping to make it available for clubs to send out push notifications and schedules to their members.

With the addition of push notifications, D’Adamo is hopeful that communication will improve across the board.

“We get roughly 20 emails a day about different clubs and activities and unfortunately we’re usually too lazy to read them,” he said. “With instant updates like [push notifications], we’ll be getting what we need right in front of us.”

Grisnik emphasizes that they are constantly updating and working to improve the app.

“We don’t see all [the mistakes] because we’re often looking at the bigger scope of things, so we appreciate any and all feedback that we get.”

To contact SGA for more information or to make suggestions please e-mail them at