Mount St. Scholastica seeking live-in volunteers for spring break

Cromer Mount Story

By Molly Cromer, The Circuit

The sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Monastery in Atchison invite Benedictine students to participate in their live-in volunteer program this spring break.

In 2015, St. Anne’s Hall at Mount St. Scholastica was refurbished to accommodate men and women volunteers seeking a deep spiritual experience by becoming active members in the daily life of their religious community.

“It would be great if some students would want to come here just for a night or for a weekend,” said Sr. Loretta McGuire, director of volunteers. “College students have washed windows, painted or even done dishes.  Nothing is too small for St. Benedict.”

McGuire explained that not only do volunteers get service hour opportunities, but a chance at spiritual renewal.

“They participate in morning prayer, daily Mass, liturgy of the hours and join us at our common table,” McGuire said.

Their first live-in volunteer started by visiting the Sophia Center, available at the on the Mount’s campus offering self-renewal based spiritual retreats, weekly Lectio Divina and training for spiritual direction through their three-year Souljourners program.

This volunteer had been coming to the various retreats and participating in the community’s daily life, and decided she wanted to give back to the community by becoming involved in a deeper way.  She will have been there for two years this August.

Sr. Nancy Miller, a Benedictine from North Dakota, came to Mount St. Scholastica for her sabbatical after resigning as prioress in Bismarck.

“I would like to see more students become involved in the day-to-day life of the monastery,” Miller said.  “It is a great blessing in just being present in this environment–one that is conducive for one to grow deeply in their faith, no matter what their faith is.”

Both McGuire and Miller welcome male and female students of any religious background to come volunteer and experience daily life in the community, especially those seeking service hours and who are staying in Atchison during spring break.

The cost of housing is free in exchange for the service work.

The Sophia Center is also available for anyone who may be interested in spiritual retreats, or even a chance to get away and enjoy an afternoon of quiet.

For more information on becoming involved at the Mount, contact Sr. Loretta McGuire at 913-426-0726 or by email at