Monks lead Benedictine College seniors on annual retreat

Benedictine College seniors listen to Dave Trotter's talk during the Senior Retreat and Dinner. Photo by Nick Servi.

By Nick Servi, The Circuit.

Graduating seniors experienced tradition and fellowship during the Breaking Bread Senior Retreat and Dinner.

The retreat began with Mass at Holy Trinity Parish Catholic Church in Weston, Missouri, on April 19.

The retreat group then headed to EM CHAMAS Brazilian Grill in downtown Kansas City for a steak dinner.

The retreat was hosted and organized by St. Benedict’s Abbey who have traditionally taken graduating seniors from BC to the Brazilian Grill for the Senior Retreat.

Dave Trotter, head of Ministry, believes the retreat and dinner was a great opportunity to celebrate with the monks and the seniors.

“It was a great experience praying and going to Mass with this year’s graduating class in an off-campus atmosphere,” Trotter said. “My hopes for this year’s seniors is that at some point during their time on campus, they have encountered the person of Jesus Christ in such a way that will shape the rest of their lives.  As Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI said, ‘Do not be afraid, open wide the doors to Christ and you will find true life.’”

Trotter gave a short speech after the dinner discussing his own faith journey and encouraging the graduating seniors to be strong and live for the Lord.

“It’s all worth it for the sake of Christ,” Trotter said. “Open wide the doors of Christ and let him reign supreme. You’ve changed the lives of people on campus. You’re always linked to the person of Jesus Christ.

The retreat leaders passed out and gave chain links to the seniors as a constant reminder that they are linked to Christ and each other.

Trotter has worked four years at Benedictine, when this year’s senior class were freshmen. He will be leaving the college and begin working as a national director with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).

“I’m thankful to the monks for putting on the retreat and dinner,” Trotter said. “In leaving Benedictine College, I’m especially grateful for the monks and how they have passed the Catholic Faith on to me and so many others who have come through the college.”

Senior Sebastian Calvino attended the dinner section of the retreat.

“I really liked the food and enjoyed the exotic flavors,” Calvino said. He reflected that with so much food, it was hard to focus on conversation.

“I loved Dave’s talk,” Calvino said. “It encouraged me and helped me focus on Jesus and that my future and past revolves around Jesus. Now I have a chain on my key chain [to remind me].”