The International Student Ambassadors hosting International Tea and Coffee Night in Nov. 2016. Pictured left to right: Marie Rioux, Anne Faucett, Susan Wrinn.  Photo courtesy of Marie Rioux.

The role of an International Student Ambassador

By Mary Elsen, The Circuit. The position of International Student Ambassador is a leadership opportunity for students on campus interested in helping spread cultural diversity. “[The goal of the program] is to bring more globalization to Benedictine’s campus,” said Anne Faucett, Director of International Admission and Services. Faucett shared a bit about the program. “This […]

A Personal, Active, and Creative Way of Life

By Ayden Pugh, The Circuit. The annual Fellin Lecture came to Benedictine College on Sept. 17; this marks 21 years. The Fellin Endowment Fund sponsors the lecture series, presented each year by the Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Monastery to support the liberal arts orientation of Benedictine College. This year, Cory Lockhart, a peace worker […]