Marchers rally near the Washington Monument for the annual March for Life. Photo by Jeffrey Bruno, ALETEIA.

Student thoughts on the March for Life

By Katelyn Swisher, Special to The Circuit. Benedictine students who attended the March for Life 2017 say it was an incredible experience. “It was very moving,” said Gabriella Sipe, sophomore. “I had high expectations, but it really just exceeded all my expectations.” The March for Life was Friday, Jan. 27 in Washington, D.C. Approximately 270 […]

God had other plans

by MaryLiz Bugos, Special to The Circuit. Firefighter. Emergency Medical Technician. Biochemist. Plumber. Carpenter.  Mechanic. Gardener. Beekeeper. But the one thing Elaine Fischer never thought she would become was a Benedictine Sister. In 2015 she celebrated 25 years with the Sisters of Mount Saint Scholastica. As a child, Fischer was stubbornly opposed to the idea […]

Students’ adventures on evacuation day

By Nick Servi, The Circuit BC students made the most of the situation when a chemical spill at MGP Ingredients in Atchison forced the college to evacuate on October 21. The spill occurred around 8a.m. when two chemicals were accidentally mixed together. This caused a gas cloud to travel north towards Benedictine, leading the college […]

U-Pon app continues to expand

By Gabrielle Douglass, The Circuit. U-Pon is an app designed to connect the Benedictine College community to local retailers. Quinn Buck, junior, introduced the app for Android and Apple phones. As a business marketing major, Buck was eager to pursue his interests outside of the classroom. “I wanted to provide an incentive to spend money […]

Second Look: Dr. Larry Sutton

Megan Marley, The Circuit Watch out, antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Dr. Larry Sutton, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Benedictine College and scientific founder of Gladius Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is working in tandem with scientists and Benedictine research assistants to tackle the problem of antibiotic resistance. “We’re going after this in many different ways,” Sutton said. “We’re […]