Disney's live-action version of Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17.  Photo by Grace King.

Tale as old as time

By Grace King, The Circuit. It all started with imagination. Disney is going back to its roots with the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie. The film has been heavily advertised and people have been awaiting its arrival for months. Emma Watson trades in her magic wand for a tiara to […]

President Gerald Ford and then Captain Bill Raymond posing beside a piece of the Berlin Wall as it was unveiled at Ford’s Presidential Library on the campus of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan in honor of Ford’s accomplishment with the Helsinki Accords. Photo courtesy of Bill Raymond.

Raymond receives honor after visiting all Presidential Libraries

By Danielle Sabolik, The Circuit. When Dr. Bill Ray­mond, associate profes­sor of political science, visited the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, Iowa, he forgot to bring his Presidential Libraries Passport which is neces­sary to receive credit for visiting one of the 13 Presidential Libraries. Upon returning home, Raymond called the National Archives to see […]

The cast of Circle Mirror Transformation during one of the shows.
Center: Danielle Shanahan, left to right: Danny Kopitke, Annie Schwaner, Gabe Heffernan, Emily Kennebeck.  Photo by Monica Nelson and Kateri Determan.

Circle mirror perception of life

By Grace King, The Circuit. “Circle Mirror Transformation,” written by Annie Baker and directed by Scott Cox was a play shown this past weekend. The play’s performances began on Feb. 10 and went through the night of the 15. in the O’Malley and McAllister Auditorium. “Misunderstood, artsy, boring, needy and pathetic,” is how the cast […]

Marchers rally near the Washington Monument for the annual March for Life. Photo by Jeffrey Bruno, ALETEIA.

Student thoughts on the March for Life

By Katelyn Swisher, Special to The Circuit. Benedictine students who attended the March for Life 2017 say it was an incredible experience. “It was very moving,” said Gabriella Sipe, sophomore. “I had high expectations, but it really just exceeded all my expectations.” The March for Life was Friday, Jan. 27 in Washington, D.C. Approximately 270 […]