A counselor’s note on the Las Vegas shooting

By Danielle Sabolik, The Circuit.

“Events like this seem to be happening all too frequently,” says Kerry Marvin, instructor for the college and director of the counseling center, about the recent shooting in Las Vegas.

“There are generally three types of trauma that effect people after these types of attacks,” Marvin said. “The first is that people who were at the event had family or friends that were directly affected, as in they were there. These people would have immediate trauma, and basically you allow them to process it however they need to do so.”

The second type of trauma Marvin described is people who who have experienced something similar, and the tragic event has “hooked” that old trauma, bringing about feelings that they may have already worked through. They may need to address old feelings again, but it would be more of a typical mental health issue, Marvin said.

The third type of trauma would likely be people who just found the event upsetting in general. They wouldn’t have immediate issues, but may need support to work through their emotional response, Marvin said.

Marvin offered advice for students that are struggling with the events that happened in Las Vegas.

“Talk to others,” Marvin said. “Don’t isolate and don’t try to just push through it. Be aware and recognize the emotions you have, and find someone with whom to process them. If they are still struggling, professional help is available.”

Students can visit the Student Health building, call 913-360-7621, or email kmarvin@benedictine.edu to make an appointment. The hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.