2018 marks 33rd year Benedictine attends March for Life

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On the afternoon of Jan. 17, around 200 Benedictine students boarded 4 buses and drove for 24 hours to Washington D.C. to participate in the March for Life.

Benedictine College has been participating in the March for Life for 33 years. This year being the 45th annual march, the theme was ‘Love Saves Lives’.

The year following  the Supreme Court Decision of Roe v Wade in 1973,  The March for Life was formed. The court ruled it was unconstitutional for a state to restrict the right for a woman to have an abortion.

The pro-life movement has been supported for many years and by people who advocate for protection of all forms of life. Some of these advocates show their stand by marching.

The March for Life consists of the Rally for Life, and then the march itself.

Some speakers for the Rally include: House Speaker Paul Ryan, Pam Tebow, mother of former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, former NFL player, Matt Birk, and wife Adrianna Birk and Sr. Bethany Madonna, Sisters of Life.

This year, one event occurred that hadn’t in any of the previous years.

President Donald Trump made history as the first President to acknowledge the march and voice his support of the cause by giving a speech on video to the marchers at the Rally for Life.

“You love your neighbors, you love our nation and you love every child born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred— that every child is a precious gift from God,” President Trump said.

Sophomore Marie Baert, from Ravens Respect Life, and one of the bus captains for the march was overjoyed about Trump speaking at the Rally.

“We’ve never really gotten big press like this before,” Baert said. “Having [President Trump] and [Vice President] Pence talk both this year was really nice.”

Paul Ryan also voiced his gratitude to the marchers advocating this cause.

“I want to thank you for being here, for taking the time, for the prayers, for the joy, for the compassion and for the love that you demonstrate here in this march,” Ryan said. “This is why the pro-life movement is on its rise. Remember, these are our most powerful tools against the pains of abortion. This is the pro-life movement.  This is one that we will win this day. Thank you, God bless you.”

On the official March for Life page,  March for Life President Jeanne Mancini, explains why the speakers for the rally were chosen.

“Each of these speakers bear witness to this year’s theme ‘Love Saves Lives’ in a unique and powerful way that is sure to resonate with the hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans from across the country who will be coming to march in defense of life this year.”

The end of the Rally was the signal for the march to begin.

People held varieties of different signs ranging from “I am the Pro-Life Generation,” to “Defund Planned Parenthood.”

The march route started from Constitution Avenue and it ended at the Supreme Court and Capitol Building. Closer to the Supreme Court, there was a stage and a program called, ‘Silent No More.’

This program consisted of individuals telling their personal stories about having an abortion and deeply regretting it.

Outside of the Supreme Court building, Benedictine students prayed a rosary for all of the lives that have been lost and for the Supreme Court to one day change it’s ruling.

On the way there and back a couple of Benedictine students gave the reasons for why they march for life.

“Every life is precious and every soul matters,” said junior Anna Huber.

“I march, because those we defend cannot, and I just feel like we owe it to them,” said junior Kimberly Schulte

“To fight for those who don’t have a choice,” said junior Hannah Stephan. “To fight for lives of all.”